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Tear drops make my eyes sting

Have you ever been so unhappy that you just want to yell at the world?  To beg for someone to see you and really care when they ask “how are you doing?” Have you ever felt so much that it sits on your chest and makes it hard to breathe? I’m staying to wonder if … Continue reading


Keeping it together by sheer force of will is exhausting. I’m so very tired. I don’t want to do it anymore, but what other choice is there. Yeah I know there’s always a choice. Even inactivity is a choice. don’t mind me I’m just rambling because I’m tired

a loss for words

I have so much to say, but more often than not I haven’t the words. My Head is filled with thoughts. My chest is filled with emotions. But the words remain elusive. I ache with the need to express myself. I long to simply open myself up and let it all pour out. I wish … Continue reading

What do you do?

What do you do, when the thing you want most in life is to not be strong?  When all you really want is to break down and cry. To have someone hold you and whisper it will all be ok. What do you do, when all you can do is lie in bed as tears … Continue reading

the breath of God

“If you have no respect for the void and it’s immense power,” the potter revealed to us, “then you cannot understand.” Jeremiah bowed his head and whispered, “I understand… that the breath of God is in man before he is ever formed from the clay.” – “The Scroll of Anatiya” Zoe Klein I am the … Continue reading


There are some roads I no longer travel because I’m afraid I won’t make it to the end. Not by accident, but by choice. The most frightening part is that I don’t know what to do with this realization. No the most frightening part is that I don’t care.

coming apart at the seams

Filled to nearly bursting More on my plate than I can handle I wonder, Can anyone see that my grip is slipping That it’s all sliding through my fingers Does anyone see That I’m Coming apart at the seams

Everyone has a Story

What you see on the outside doesn’t always reflect what’s on the inside. We all have a story. Some of our scars show on the outside, but those on the inside tell the bigger story. Continue reading

some days

some days i have a hard time talking myself out of “what’s the point” or “why do i even bother” other days i don’t even try

I Walk alone

My shadow’s the only one that walks beside me My shallow heart’s the only thing that’s beating Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me Till then I walk alone Postmodern Jukebox gives us Maiya Sykes and this powerful, emotionally raw performance of Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” I can’t begin to express how … Continue reading

Just Jo

Just Jo

I'm just me. Unfortunately I'm still not sure what that means. I know I'm a music lover, sometimes I write, food (the making, discovering, and eating) brings me joy, but none of that is ME. At some point writing this blog may uncover who I am.

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