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what do the lonely do

It’s hard for some people to understand that you can be very lonely even when surrounded by loved ones. There are moments when I dread this time of year. I love my family, but they don’t understand my need to be by myself. So today begins the season of false cheer and being “on” constantly. … Continue reading

truth is

The truth is I’m tired And it has nothing to do with the amount of sleep I get Truth is tears solve nothing And even if they did I’d still hold back Truth is nobody wants to hear you complain And if they stopped to listen once they’ll avoid you afterwards Truth is that truth … Continue reading

Just Jo

Just Jo

I'm just me. Unfortunately I'm still not sure what that means. I know I'm a music lover, sometimes I write, food (the making, discovering, and eating) brings me joy, but none of that is ME. At some point writing this blog may uncover who I am.

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