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introvert party

Ain’t no party like an introvert party cause an introvert party is relaxing and filled with great conversation. I hung out last night with a friend. We “discovered” this little out of the way wine joint in Atlanta. Had an amazing time talking and drinking wine. Since we’re both pretty introverted, there was also a … Continue reading

what’s in your garden?

Do you know who you are to the people in your life? Have you ever really thought about it? Continue reading

don’t judge

Don’t judge me based on the company I keep their actions are not mine. Their story is not mine. Don’t judge me based on my past. I’ve learned from those mistakes. I’m not that person anymore. If you must judge, then judge me for who I am at this very moment. Or simply don’t judge … Continue reading

One of those days

I’m having one of those days. I want to be left alone with my head under the covers. It happens and I am ok with that. Of course I have some music to accompany me… Continue reading

Just Jo

Just Jo

I'm just me. Unfortunately I'm still not sure what that means. I know I'm a music lover, sometimes I write, food (the making, discovering, and eating) brings me joy, but none of that is ME. At some point writing this blog may uncover who I am.

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