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picnics and the introvert struggle

A quickie to help me cope…   I love my family. And because I love my family I’m out here at my uncle’s church picnic. This is a big deal because (1) I’m way to introverted to want to be with all these people (2) I’m having a “bury my head under the covers” day. … Continue reading

Embracing bad decisions

A few months back I went on a twitter rant about listening to my instincts. I basically said that my inner voice was screaming and begging me not to go down a path that led to destruction. I in turn made a conscious decision to take that path. Knowing that the outcome would be bad. … Continue reading

The Lies We Tell

I have a routine on Sundays. I get up and fix breakfast. Afterwards I settle down with a pot of tea and listen to To The Best of Our Knowledge. On the first Sunday in June, the topic of the first hour was “Investigating Belief.” There was an interview with author Julian Keenan titled “you and your … Continue reading

Loving Yourself

    I can’t begin to tell you how very much I hate this sentiment. Statements like this lead to the self hatred. Sure they are meant to inspire us to love ourselves, but what they really do is cause us to shine a spotlight on the reasons we feel we are unlovable. I get … Continue reading

The List

My job provides some good resources for health care. A while back I was (and still am) looking into counseling. As I searched through what was available to me I stumbled on a page titled “How can I improve my self-esteem?” It is a great article and I recognized that intellectually. I don’t know if … Continue reading


Welcome to my new blog…. that is if I have the courage to post the things I’ve written. This one is nothing like my original blog. There won’t be much in the way of music here. My other blog tells you a lot about who I am. This blog will tell you how I see myself. … Continue reading

This Journey I’m On… in the beginning

I’ve been having a very introspective time lately. Emotional ups and downs and what not. Somewhere in the midst of all that I decided I should journal it all. You see writing has always been my way of understanding what’s going on in my head. So here we are on my new blog journaling my … Continue reading

Dealing with Pain…

While heading to Lowe’s for some stuff I needed to tame my lawn, I heard this segment on NPR.  Bullying wasn’t a significant part of my youth. I was neither bullied nor was I a bully. So I didn’t necessarily related to this TED talk. That was until he came to the end and Shane … Continue reading

Just Jo

Just Jo

I'm just me. Unfortunately I'm still not sure what that means. I know I'm a music lover, sometimes I write, food (the making, discovering, and eating) brings me joy, but none of that is ME. At some point writing this blog may uncover who I am.

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